Gum Disease  Therapy

Gum disease is preventable and can be treated better by having regular dental examination.

In vast majority of cases, the progression of gum disease can be arrested by appropriate care. Management of gum disease becomes more difficult and less predicatable the more advanced the gum disease.

At Lane Cove Family Dentist, Dr.Pillai will recommend appropriate home care measures and perform professional scaling above and below the gum line to remove plaque and tartar. This can be done in multiple visits using local anesthetic.

Relationship between Periodontitis and smoking, diabetes and cardiovascular health conditions has been well established. Identifying the risk factors is critical in managing Periodontitis.

In advanced Periodontal cases, appropriate referrals to gum specialists will be provided.

Periodontitis can be prevented by good oral hygiene and early intervention when problems are identified. Regular six monthly check ups are critical to avoid such oral health issues.